Arovax Shield is completely compatible with Windows Vista
More >> 19:25 26 Apr 2007
Arovax Shield v2.1.95 is released
More >> 5:04 05 Mar 2007
Arovax Shield 2.0.70 is released
More >> 8:31 14 Dec 2006
Arovax Shield 2.x line is officially released
More >> 0:29 17 Nov 2006
Major Arovax Shield Update (v.1.2) with Firefox support!
More >> 9:52 26 Sep 2006

Arovax Shield 2.x line is officially released

Latest version is 2.0.62

Changes in the latest version:

Version 2.0.62 [November 17 2006]

  • New: "Algorithm of News tab work was upgraded."
  • New: "Minimal waste of the memory."
  • Fixed: "Problems with adding and deleting great number of the rules."
  • Fixed: "Problems with monitoring of the Windows system policy."

Arovax Shield v.2.0.62 can be downloaded from the download page.

I have tried a lot of security software: Spyware Removers, Firewalls, different security bundles, but unfortunately none of them made me feel safe while I was browsing online. I was always open to new Spyware threats penetrating my PC and I couldn’t deal with this. Now I have Arovax Shield which silently sits in my tray, and gives me this good feeling of being safe you know…
Thank you for this feeling guys!
McArthur L.
Washington D.C, US
It does the work to alert you when it detects attempted changes made on your pc. So far (I haven't had it long) it warned me at times such as a Windows update. Of course, I clicked "Allow". Presumably, if it detects changes to programs of a suspicious kind it will detect those also. And it seems to get along well with other programs. I've noticed in general terms virtually no malware or viruses have been getting a toehold anymore. My "combo" seems to be working well. Preventatives used also include Spybot's Tea Timer real time monitor, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster, MS Anti Spyware, NoScript (A Foxfire add-on), and then a bunch of scans I run for evidence my preventatives are preventing. I'm more secure now than ever before. I'm always clean for a change.
What a relief!
Bobb999 Review
on SnapFiles.com

Every day hackers around the world try to infect your PC with all forms of spyware:

Keystroke Monitors
System Monitors
Trojan Horse Viruses
Security Disablers
Browser Hijackers
Page Hijackers etc.

Avorax Shield™ is a brand new type of personal security solution that is unlike to any firewall, anti-virus or spyware remover. Rather than looking for spyware traces or tracking applications that secretly send or receive data over the Internet, Avorax Shield blocks any attempt by malicious software to add entries to the auto-start menu, change the registry, hijack or install itself into a browser or find any other way to stealthy get itself onto a PC.

There is nothing to think about, just visit our Download section and download our latest free version of Arovax Shield™. Stay Protected!

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